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The Music  Hut!

Beside the main school, to the right, is this super timber building - a chalet. This must be unique in the country, there can't be many (if any) other schools in the country that have a chalet beside their school. This is so much neater looking than a prefab!

building (23).JPG

This is the view from inside this incredible building, it's bright, spacious and warm. The hut is an amazing asset for the school and is a multi-purpose building that is appreciated by all. 

On one wall of the building there is a fantastic sunburst "mosaic" created with cork - this is very much in keeping with the timber theme throughout the building. 

building (24).JPG
christmas 1.jpg

The Music Hut in full flow with pupils practising their Christmas carols on a variety of instruments including fiddle, accordion and banjo 

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